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Now I know that the Robert Mondavi Winery in California isn’t exactly this year’s news. But that’s part of what I’ve liked about the wines. Where there are some Californian reds that seem to want to out-brash people with their opulence and sophistication, the Mondavi style – having blazed the […]

A Tale of 2 Pinots

Someone I know has been asked to do an article for a Christian temperance magazine on non-alcoholic beers and wines, and is struggling to muster any enthusiasm for the task. I don’t blame him – there are some passable beers, but I can’t remember any of the so-called ‘wines’ I’d […]

Communion Wine – for all who are thirsty

There’s yet another debate on Tom Cannavan’s wine forum about Scoring Systems for wines. And for me, once again it’s shown just how out of touch with normal people some wine geeks can be. Is anyone apart really interested in just how long you can still taste a wine for […]

Having problems scoring?

Tonight, the family and I have been Moonraking. No, nothing to do with Roger Moore attempting re-entry, nor with the rather potent winter ale from John Willie Lees. I’m referring to the annual Slaithwaite (pronounced Slough-it) Moonraking Festival, which takes place every February half-term. According to the event’s web site, […]


What do the following have in common…? Verdicchio di Matellica ‘Terre de Valbona’, Cantine BelisarioSauvignon/Semillon ‘Mangan Vineyard’, CullenGevrey Chambertin, Domaine Taupenot-MermeJurançon Sec ‘Cuvée Marie’, Charles HoursPinot Gris, Mittnacht FrèresVouvray Moelleux, Clos de NouysRiesling Erstes Gewächs, Schloss VollradsSoave Classico ‘La Rocca’, PieropanManzanilla La Rubia, ValdiviaCondrieu Les Grandes Chaillées, Domaine du Monteillet […]

The Winery, Burton-on-Trent

Any wine-loving illustrators out there? Andes wine is holding a competition (details here) to try and find the world’s best Wine Comic. The UK isn’t exactly awash with comics on wine – it’s supposed to be a serious topic, dear boy – but in some Far Eastern markets, one of […]

Wine Comics – any talent out there?