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I’m doing a tasting this evening for the Saddleworth Wine Circle. It’s an organisation that’s evolved out of a night school class I went to when I first got interested in wine in the late 1980s, and there are still a number of the members who still go from that […]

Quinta da Lagoalva Late Harvest 1995

Revisited the the three reds I opened yesterday, with mixed success. Even after 24 hours, Anakena’s 2006 Ona red blend and the Errazuriz 2002 La Cumbre Shiraz are still too boisterous and fruity (with that tell-tale, rather raw, even charred blackcurrant pastille character). But the Cuilleron is singing. Or at […]

Update on yesterday’s reds

Not that I’ve lost a wine, but am I alone in finding that despite having a decent raft of bottles to plunder, sometimes it’s difficult to find just what’s required? Something rather basic for tonight’s meal, a swanky restaurant might dub it mini schnitzel or escalopes, but basically it’s upmarket, […]

A la recherche du vin perdu

It’s Valentine’s Day and I probably should be wooing my sweetheart. However, we’ve had a wonderful day together, including a long lie-in, a trip to IKEA (without which no Valentine’s Day is complete), a cuddle at the cinema (Slumdog Millionaire – Anil Kapoor is the Indian Michel Rolland) and a […]

Valentine’s Day Aftermath-acre

“The Rhône Valley’s vineyards welcome you with open tendrils” At least that’s what it says on this page from the not especially useful Inter-Rhône web site. For me open tendrils smacks too much of the Triffid. No matter. I’m married to a lovely laydee who is a big Grenache fan, […]

Domaine du Joncier Lirac 2006

Having produced lists of top Australian and New Zealand wines for a number of years, wine writer and consultant Matthew Jukes has recently turned his attention to South Africa. As with any such list, I’m in favour of several of the inclusions in Jukesy’s 50 Top Cape Wines (it’s here) […]

Matthew Jukes’s Top 50 Cape Wines