Assorted whites from Italy, Spain and Georgia

Poggiotondo Toscana Bianco 2009, Italy (£8.99 Liberty Wines, Noel Young, Reserve)
One of those wines that creeps up on you, initially fresh and floral with a citrussy bite, but then the taut, pine-like edge of Vermentino comes through, along with an almost volcanic minerality. B+

Raimat Albariño Viña 24 2009, Costers del Segre, Spain (£8.99 Oddbins)
Crisp and tangy to start with then opens up to show a richer, peachy core, with hints of ripe red apples. Good but a touch simple. B

Vesevo Beneventano Falanghina 2009, Campania, Italy (£10.99 Liberty Wines, Highbury Vintners, Noel Young, Reserve)
Is this bottle as fresh as it should be? There’s quite weighty flavours of waxy walnut skin and peaches, along with touches of marzipan, but I remember previous vintages being fresher and more minerally. ???

Church Mouse Falanghina 2008, Puglia, Italy (£6.98 Asda)
Quite rich and fleshy, with grapefruit and lime jelly flavours, but it lacks fragrance and poise, and ends up being pleasant but simple. C+

Orovela Cuvée Chandrebi Mtsvane/Rkatsiteli 2007, Georgia (£12.99 Georgian Wine Society)
Has an intriguing, almost late-harvest character, with aromas of burnt sugar, honey and honeysuckle, fleshy, peachy fruit with hints of almonds and marmalade, and grippy acidity on the finish. Unusual, and some may say it’s too old, but this was one from this quintet that I polished off the evening after the tasting, with garlic-y roast chicken. S-

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One thought on “Assorted whites from Italy, Spain and Georgia

  • S Lloyd

    Excellent coverage of varied wines. The Geaorgian wine is unkown to me. I’ll look for it here in Montreal.