Four Greek wines from the islands of Paros & Santorini

Hatzidakis Santorini 2008 (£9.49-£13.50 Waitrose, Tanners, Adnams, Theatre of Wine, Green & Blue, Cooden Cellars)
Tangy, pleasing style that combines richness with crispness, lots of fresh fruit – green apple, lime, lemon – and a taut citrussy finish. B+

Moraitis Sillogi White 2007, Paros (£9.95 Laytons)
Similar citrus crispness, but richer, lacks the zip and minerally zest, just turning a touch bitter – should have been drunk up by now. C

Hatzidakis Nykteri Reserve 2007, Santorini (£13.99-19.80 Cooden Cellars, Theatre of Wine)
Peach, melon, pineapple chunk, some smoky/resinny oak, very rich and mouthfilling, but lacks the balance of the basic version. Comes across as slightly bloated. B

Moraitis Sillogi Red 2005, Paros (£10.95 Laytons)
Earthy cherry, cooked fruit, ripe but with quite a big structure, slightly bitter cherry, some red berries, but finish is just a little coarse. B-

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2 thoughts on “Four Greek wines from the islands of Paros & Santorini

  • Katie

    Great video, super informative! I love the way you mix geography & weather when chatting wine. This is such a huge part of why wines taste the way it does, yet so few people talk about this. Thanks for the comparisons as well. I’m subscribing to your blog!