Four reds from Alenquer (Portugal) and Georgia

Quinta do Pinto Vinhas do Lasso 2004, Alenquer, Portugal (N/A in UK)
Old fashioned, rusty/horsey aromas, and no improvement in flavour. Some vague plum and strawberry but overall, dried out and charmless. 0

Quinta do Pinto Tinta Miúda 2003, Alenquer, Portugal (N/A in UK)
An improvement, with some dusty plum and savoury tomato character, but also feels as if someone has tried to tart it up at a later date with new oak, and again the finish is stale and charmless. 0+

Orovela Cuvée Chandrebi Saperavi/Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, Georgia (£12.99 The Georgian Wine Society)
Rustic, but good rustic – lively raspberry, blackcurrant and cooked strawberry flavours with a touch of spice. Finish shows fresh fruit but also slightly dry tannins – definitely needs some hearty food, like cassoulet. B(+)

Telavi Satrapezo Saperavi 2006, Georgia (£21.99 The Georgian Wine Society)
A wave of smoky, toasty new oak is the first thing you notice – is it too much? Its impact does diminish, allowing the iron-tinged fruit – plums, red berries, black cherry and cassis – to come through, along with touches of chocolate, violet and vanilla. Serious stuff, but just wish they’d backed off on that oak. S(-)

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