Hands to the pump

the proof is in the hands copy

Just had this photo through from the folk at Villa Maria, along with a copy of their 2009 Harvest Report (it’s here), showing the damage that working a vintage can wreak on your mitts. I’ve never actually worked in a winery but I did end up with similar coloured hands several years ago following three weeks of grape picking in the Yarra Valley. No amount of scrubbing seems to eradicate the stains entirely, but there is something that does. After a particularly long and hot day, I was flopped in a chair (probably with a stubby of VB) when I felt this weird sensation on my hand, which was dangling close to the floor. Vladimir, our neurotic but beautiful black cat, was giving my digits a good lick and in the process removing all traces of matters grapey. Maybe there’s a niche for marketing cat’s-tongue hand-wipes to wineries around the world…

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2 thoughts on “Hands to the pump

  • Colin Smith

    Not quite the same I know but working “backstage” at the IWC gives you grape stained hands. Makes me wonder what colour the stomach lining must be after all that tasting……….

  • Simon Post author

    Maybe there’s a new delicacy to come out of this – wino tripe. Although some would say that’s what wine writers produce anyway…