Interview with Nathan Nolan of

Was interviewed at the London International Wine Fair by Nathan Nolan of soon-to-launch The wine in this first video is Le Champ d’Orphée Braucol 2008, Tarn PGI, which won a trophy at the recent Top 100 IGP competition – see the full list of winners here. Delicious as the wine is, I don’t think it’s in the UK at the moment, but there’s a little more about it here and here.

Then in the next one, a brief history of my route from electronics design engineer to where I am now…

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2 thoughts on “Interview with Nathan Nolan of

  • LUCAS Stéphane


    I am Stéphane LUCAS, the wine grower of le champ d’Orphée.
    Do you want to taste the new champ d’Orphée 2009?


    Stéphane LUCAS