Malbec and Chocolate Tasting – can you have too much of a good thing?


In case you didn’t know, National Chocolate Week (12th – 18th October) will soon be upon us. If you can’t wait until then, Gaucho Restaurants are holding a masterclass on September 8th in which Kirsty Joly of chocolatiers Perfectly Tempered will present a bevy of Argentina-themed chocolates aided by Jessica Closs, Gaucho’s Head Sommelier, who has selected some of the 63 Malbecs on the list that will (hopefully) demonstrate that the grape has more strings to its bow than being purely a libation of the carnivorous.

Guests will get a chance to try pairings such as…
Terruño Malbec 2008/9 with [1] Jasmine Tea & [2] Blueberry truffle
Casa Marguery Malbec 2006/7 with [1] Masala Chai & [2] Dark Chocolate truffle
Michel Torino ‘Don David’ Malbec 2007/8 with [1] Lemon and Mint & [2] Passion fruit
Schroeder Malbec  2006/7 with [1] Strawberry and Balsamic &  [2] Orange and Cardamom

The Masterclass begins at 7pm and costs £37.50 pp. For further info, contact

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2 thoughts on “Malbec and Chocolate Tasting – can you have too much of a good thing?

  • Alastair

    At the rate Gaucho marks wines up, you will only get the tiniest of dribbles for that price. They really are the worst offender on the high street and it might be more acceptable if they stocked uniquely imported wines but most are widely available at half the price in other restos, and about one fifth the price retail.
    Grrrroucho more like….