Miscellaneous whites from Australia, France, Greece and Italy

Xerolithia White, Peza 2008, Crete, Greece (£7.99 Oddbins)
Nice mix of richness and crispness, rounded and fleshy, with some pineapple flavours, but also a slightly pithy, piney edge and an almost volcanic note on the finish. B(+)

Alois Lageder ‘Vogelmaier’ Moscato Giallo 2006, Alto Adige, Italy (£7.60 in the Bibendum sale – normally £12.93)
Grapey and spicy, but has lost its youthful zip and is starting to show an oily/bitter edge. OK, but would have been far, far better two years ago. In this state, C

Peter Lehmann Layers White 2009, Adelaide, Australia (£10.50 Enotria, SWIG)
Young, slight rose petal aroma, quite rich lychee, rhubarb and peach flavours, but can’t make up its mind whether it want to be young and crisp or fleshy and mellow. B(-)

Château Brown Pessac Léognan Blanc 2008, Bordeaux, France (~£30 Soho Wine Supply)
Young, and still quite oaky, but the smoky character is in balance with the zesty but refined flavours of tinned pears, peaches, guava and passionfruit, and there’s an almost briny tang to the finish. Fresh and very classy, needs 3+ years, but should be worth the wait. S(+)

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