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The Best UK Wine Blogs… September 22, 2009 at 9:09 am

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…according to Tim Atkin in the Observer (see here) include this particular site. Thanks for that Tim, what you don’t see is my frustration with not having enough time in the day to really do with this web site what I want. I have notebooks full of tasing notes, a number of cameras – stills, video, etc – and (and this is the really irksome thing) a head cram-jammed full of ideas, all of which (at least to me) seem to deserve to be expressed in some way. I’m honestly not mourning the demise of traditional print media, nor bemoaning the lack of appreciation from the stolids for the Brave New World of Social Media, but I just want to find some way of getting across to vaguely normal people – which excludes both those who spend their days spitting into a bucket and those who seem to delight in tweeting every bodily function – the intricacies and pleasures of fermented grape juice. I think I need to clone myself…

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  • Colin Smith says:

    Don’t get frustrated Simon – just keep doing what you do as you do it very well.

    You have a down to earth, practical, informative and some time irreverent approach which will appeal to more and more “normal” people the more they hear about you thanks to journos like Tim.

    And your frequency is just right. It’s impossible to keep up with those who blog once a day (and as for Twitter…..).

  • Martin Moran says:

    Indeed Simon. I know how you feel. So much social media, so many wines and so little time. Sigh……

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