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Three Blaufränkisch-based reds from Groszer Wein in Südburgenland, Austria March 26, 2015 at 10:09 am

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Groszer Wein Blaufränkisch 2012, Südburgenland, Austria (£15.90 per litre Newcomer Wines)
Lots of juicy ripe plummy berry and blackcurrant here, with earthy, meaty notes adding a savoury wildness, and herbs coming through in the finish. Tasty and slightly naughty. S(-)

Groszer Wein Blaufränkisch ‘Vom Riegl’ 2012, Südburgenland, Austria (£22.90 per litre Newcomer Wines)
A softer, smoother version of the above, but still has the untamed intensity. More oak in evidence too, plus a touch of tomato. It feels more intense, and much younger, so drink the wine above first, and give this time (2-3 years ideally) to relax into its bottle. S

Groszer Wein ‘Rote Kuvee’ 2012, Südburgenland, Austria (£15.90 per litre Newcomer Wines)
This is rich, round and juicy, with plummy dark cherry flesh in abundance and the imprint of oak visible too. It’s better behaved than the 2 Blaufränkisches, but while I like it, maybe it lacks their wildness, bounce and feistiness. B+

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