Two reds from Sicily

Fattorie Romeo del Castello ‘Allegracore’ Etna Rosso 2013, Sicily, Italy (£19.50 Tanners)
Intriguing wine, gently spicy with a hint of smoky bacon – oak or not? – alongside the warm, plummy red cherry and strawberry flavours. Lovely violet fragrance too, but there’s also a whack of tannin for a backbone. Not for everyone, but I like it, and would love to see how it ages. S(-)

Alessandro Biancolin Nero d’Avola 2013, Terre Siciliane, Italy (£11.99 Naked Wines)
With its notes of sponge cake mix, almonds and ripe red berries, this smells like Battenberg in a glass. Similar flavours too, with hints of chocolate, but there’s ripe tannin to stop it all going wobbly, plus some acidity that I’m not sure is entirely of grape origin… B(+)

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