When it’s just not sweet enough…

Paris-based foodie David Lebovitz has just tweeted the following: ‘Reader just left comment about relatives who added Sweet ‘N Low to their wine in Paris because they thought it was too dry. Hilarious!’ (@davidlebovitz for more)

Reminds me of a comment I saw somewhere else on the Internet on a Pinot Noir whose identity I won’t reveal: ‘It was thin and very drying. I added Marques de Rojas [a Spanish red from Almansa] to it which didn’t seem to help so then I added sugar, which didn’t help either. Then I put some Cointreau in it which normally sorts out any wine, but that didn’t do any good. My wife added about a third of Port to hers which made it just about bearable. If that’s a Gold Medal New Zealand Wine then the rest must be piss awful.’

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