Will the real International/World/Global/Universal Sauvignon Day please come to the front desk…

January 23rd was apparently World Sauvignon Blanc Day. The 4th annual Sauvignon Blanc Day was May 17th, 2013, although as the calendar progressed, it became May 16th.  Californian winery St Supery is today celebrating the ‘fifth annual global online celebration‘ of Sauvignon, although some sources say it may be the 6th… I will forgive you if the phrase ‘total bollocks’ comes to mind, but no matter, here are some wines – quite nice ones- that slot neatly into the catty category

Grand Mayne Sauvignon Côtes de Duras 2013, South West France (£6.95 Domaine du Grand Mayne)
Classic spring flavours – nettles, cut grass, bracing citrus and greengage with a slightly developed character of honeyed flower water, and just a hint (not unpleasant) of the feline. B

Craggy Range Te Muna Road Sauvignon Blanc 2013, Martinborough, New Zealand (£11.95-£19.85 The Wine Society, New Zealand House of Wine, Bon Coeur, winedirect.co.uk, The New Zealand Cellar, House of Townend, Majestic, The Wine Palate)
Intense but rich with smoky elderflower and greengage crispness balanced by richer textured flavours of preserved lemon and confident textured richness. Not what you expect from NZ, but very tasty. S

McHenry Hohnen Rocky Road Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2013, Margaret River, Australia (£13.99 Bon Coeur Fine Wines, Whole Foods Market, Handford, Oddbins, Oz Wines, The Square Wine Company, The General Wine Company)
Starts with the gooseberry and green pepper of Sauvignon, but then the creamier, lusher Semillon chips in with its custardy richness. Still classic seafood wine, but that relaxed and confident Semillon edge says that it’s going to put on weight and become more chicken-friendly in the next few months. S

Domaine du Grand Mayne Cuvée des Vendangeurs Côtes de Duras 2012, South West France (£9.50 Domaine du Grand Mayne)
Nicely textured style, lightly honeyed tinned pear with a musky element freshened up by zesty citrus notes, tasty now, but feels like it’s good for at least another 3-4 years. B+

Domaine du Grand Mayne Cuvée des Vendangeurs Côtes de Duras 2010, South West France (£9.50 Domaine du Grand Mayne)
Quite rich and developed, with a catty edge to the mature Sauvignon flavours (as above, not unpleasant) and a hint of gooseberry compote. Will probably divide opinions, but still plenty to say for itself. B(+)

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