Wine Tasting Video: Discover The Origin – Douro Table Wines

The aim of the Discover the Origin campaign is to highlight the impact which the origin of a product has on its flavour. The wine side of the campaign includes Douro Table Wines, Burgundy and Port, and over the last few weeks, I’ve presented a number of masterclasses featuring all three types of wines. Here’s the first of three videos featuring the Douro wines from my session in Birmingham – the others on Burgundy and Port are here and here.

Quinta do Coa Douro Branco 2009
Manages very successfully to combine poised minerally citrus flavours, especially pithy grapefruit marmalade, with quite a bit of grunt and power. Rich, but fresh and very tasty. B+

Ramos Pinto Douro Collection 2007
The lighter side of Douro reds, with sappy, earthy cherry blackberry and plum flavours plus a touch of polished mahogany – you could happily chill this for 30 mins or so, but needs drinking soon. B(+)

Lavradores de Feitoria Três Bagos Douro Tinto 2007 (link is in Portuguese – hey guys, can you update the Engl;ish version please?)
Hard to believe this is the same vintage as the Ramos Pinto – this is fresh young wine with a touch of rubbery reduction initially but this blows off to show a firm young wine with tannin and acidity, minerally restraint, and tangy dark but fresh fruit. S(-)

Casa de Arrochella Grandes Quintas Douro Tinto Reserva 2007
Intense and oaky, some would say maybe too oaky, but there is plenty of juicy blackberry and cranberry flavour that sits just the right side of jammy to back it up. Good but maybe trying too hard? B+

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