Wine Tasting Video: Discover the Origin – Port

The aim of the Discover the Origin campaign is to highlight the impact which the origin of a product has on its flavour. The wine side of the campaign includes Douro Table Wines, Burgundy and Port, and over the last few weeks, I’ve presented a number of masterclasses featuring all three types of wines. Here’s the last of three videos featuring the ports from my session in Birmingham – the others on Douro Table Wines and Burgundy are here and here.

Croft Pink Port
Undeniably pink and reminiscent of that 1970’s classic Cresta – it’s frothy man. Think vanilla and ever-so-slightly-jammy strawberry and you’ll be close. Not too serious, but try it served cold with lots of ice. B-

Burmester 10 Year Old Tawny Port
Very attractive style, still with some fresh cherry and plum flavours alongside the date, walnut and fig characters, plus notes of mahogany and polished furniture. Chill it is summer, sip it round the fire in winter. S

Quinta do Crasto Unfiltered LBV Port 2005
Boisterous young wine, rich but fresh, with abundant plummy berry and cherry flesh buoyed up with spicy notes and a kick of warm spirit. S-

Taylor’s Vargellas Vintage Port 2001
Firmer and drier than the Crasto, this is also prouder and more aristocratic, with fragrant violet aromas alongside the dark berry and damson flavours, and touches of cocoa to the finish. Drinking well now, but still has the muscle and fruit to live for another decade at least. S+

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