Wine Tasting Video: Eight New Zealand Rieslings

Zephyr Riesling 2011, Marlborough (£13.49 The Bon Vivant’s Companion)
Quite soft and surprisingly mature for 2011, has ripe, slightly bruised apple flavour, along with a dusting of icing sugar, I like the clean mineral streak on the finish, but this feels old before its time. B

Craggy Range Te Muna Road Riesling 2011, Martinborough (£14.49 Bon Coeur, Hailsham Cellars,, Exel wines)
Intense young wine brimming with bright citrus flavours and touches of orange blossom and slate. It’s off-dry, but the light sweetness is held in check by zesty Rose’s lime juice-like freshness. S(+)

Domain Road The Water Race Riesling 2010, Central Otago (£12.20 Tanners)
Quite a powerful style, fragrant and floral with apple (fresh and cooked), orange and tangerine flesh, plus a touch of icing sugar and a slightly bitter lemon pith character. S(-)

Dry River Craighall Riesling 2009, Martinborough (£28.40 Justerini & Brooks)
Like a coiled spring, this starts off in precise, even Teutonic mode, then uncurls to release a wealth of juicy orange zest, peach and nectarine flavour, along with a richer, almost toasty character and a pithy mineral undercurrent. G(-)

Mount Edward Earth’s End Riesling 2009, Central Otago (£12.99 Marks & Spencer)
Clean, vibrant style, with lovely citrus and green apple flesh pepped up by notes of blossom and elderflower, while the finish is rich yet brisk and elegant. S

Pegasus Bay Riesling 2009, Waipara Valley (£16.50 Roberson, Worth Brothers, Fortnum & Mason, Connollys, Imbibros, Loki Wine, Guildford Wine Co, Highbury Vintners, Woods Wines, Prohibition Wines)
Feels like there’s some botrytis here, giving a honeyed raisin character to the baked apple, orange and peach flavours. The finish combines a voluptuous toasty richness with sappy citrus freshness, overall a lovely style and extremely moreish. S+

Villa Maria Reserve Riesling 2008, Marlborough (£15.99 Ellie’s Cellar,
Clean and pure, with lemon, lime and green apple fruit, but overall just a touch simple and sweet, with that dolly mixture icing sugar character – I miss poise and precision. B+

Craggy Range Otago Station Riesling 2008, Central Otago (£15.95 Roberson)
Still has some intensity and purity, with citrus and mineral notes, but there’s also a faded bruised apple feel as if it’s just past its best. Maybe lacks the acidity to sustain this lighter off-dry style? B+

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2 thoughts on “Wine Tasting Video: Eight New Zealand Rieslings

  • wildgame

    Wine review 2014: OMG I just bought a VIlla Maria New Zealand Risesling 2008, and it tasted like CHEMICALS were in. BEWARE!!!!!

  • Simon Post author

    Some old Rieslings do start to smell a bit like petrol/kerosene – some people hate that character, others love it. Don’t try running your car on them though!