Wine Tasting Video: Sancerre 2010

Domaine Vincent Delaporte Sancerre Chavignol 2010 (£15.75 Lea & Sandeman)
Brisk, fresh, stony style, with gentle citrus and green apple fruit, touches of nettle and catty elderflower, and pumice-like minerality. S-

Domaine Fernand Girard Sancerre 2010 (£13.75 Armit)
A fuller, fatter style, with touches of pear and peach and a light toasty note, but then the grassiness and pungent minerality kick in, and the finish is still crisp. B+

Domaine Sautereau Sancerre 2010 (£14.99 Liberty Wines)
Young and still in a slightly coiled state, waiting to pounce, has some bracing greengage fruit alongside the citrus and apple, and opens up with time to show its mineral heart. S(-)

Roger Neveu Sancerre ‘Clos des Bouffants’ 2010 (£12.99 Majestic)
Reasonable pungent mineral and grassy notes, but they seems to have been a little heavy-handed with the sulphur dioxide – it dampens the flavours too much, and doesn’t seem to dissipate with time. B-

Domaine Vacheron Sancerre 2010 (£18-£20 Waitrose, Majestic)
Has a crystalline purity, with a grassy mineral tang to the tender citrus and apple flavours, surprisingly rich, but dainty on its feet and with a real sense of soil coming through. S

Domaine Crochet Sancerre 2010 (~£16 Alliance Wine)
Not sure if there’s a slight hint of oak here, but something is giving it a creamy richness. But overall, it’s a tangy, poised wine with tight lemon, lemongrass and nettle flavours and a precise mouth-watering finish. S(+)

Vincent Pinard Sancerre ‘Cuvée Flores’ 2010 (£14.27 Justerini & Brooks)
Another one with a fleshy element – is there a touch of botrytis here? (No, according to the domaine, it’s the result of low yields and rigorous selection) Combines rich plum-going-on-peach and pear flavours with tauter herb and greengage notes, and has a tangy mineral character to dry out the finish. S+

Pascal Jolivet Sancerre 2010 (£18.00 Harrods, Roberson, Whole Foods Market, Sipp London, Soho Wine Supply, Last Drop Wines,
Fresh, lively style, has the tang and twang of citrus fruit and Grannie Smiths, plus a herby mineral note on the finish. B+

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