Wine Tasting Video: Six Languedoc reds

Bordière Nord Syrah/Grenache IGP Pays d’Oc 2010, France (£6.99 Majestic)
Reasonable sweet plummy fruit with some darker berry flesh and a touch of spice, but there’s also a rubbery (reduction) character that spoils the party. C+

Paul Mas Estate Carignan Pays de l‘Hérault 2010, Languedoc (£8.99 Majestic)
Another one with a hint of rubbery reduction, but this feels a little more relaxed and complete. Decent blackcurrant, raisin and brown sugar notes, but let down by a slightly raw, smoky oak edge that clashes with that raisinny fruit. B

Abbotts & Delaunay Corbières Réserve 2010, Languedoc (~£11.50 Vinimpo)
Young and vigorous wine, never too shouty, with rich dark fruit combining well with the meaty/smoky bacon and spicy notes – ginger biscuit anyone? Has a wild rustic edge, probably from Mourvèdre, and while the oak has just a touch of greenness, it’s in better balance with the fruit than in the Mas Carignan. S(-)

Domaine Les Yeuses Syrah Les Epices Pays d’Oc 2009 (£8.99 Majestic)
Again a touch of smoky reduction, but here it brings out the spicy/roasted-meaty edges of Syrah, and highlights the plummy berry flesh. There’s also a toasty edge that is part oak/part grape (I think…) plus a finish that combines warmth and freshness. S-

Château de Montmal Fitou 2009, Languedoc (£12.99 Marks & Spencer online)
Quiet confidence is the order of the day here, the blackcurrant, blackberry and dark plum fruit sits on just the right side of overripeness, and there’s also a touch of chocolate, but underpinning it all is this earthy minerality. Tasty, herby wine with pounce and bounce. S(+)

Domaine des Crès Ricards ‘Alexaume’ 2009, IGP Mont Baudile, Languedoc (£9.99 Majestic)
Claret with cojones, this has the sweet blackcurrant, tar and cedar of ripe Bordeaux with the wildness and spice of the garrigue, and finishes with earthy freshness. Very tasty. S

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