Wine Tasting Video: Spanish Reds – Manchuela, Yecla & Priorat

Cien Y Pico ‘Doble Pasta’ Tintorera 2009, Manchuela (£11.99 Liberty Wines)
Really can’t work out whether I like this wine. I can’t fault its richness – it’s full throttle, deep inky wine packed with slightly baked/jammy dark berry fruit, backed up by notes of herbs, cold ash and a stony minerality. But there’s also something of the cough medicine about it, and while those who love brawny wines will hoover it up, I’m not sure how much of it I want to drink… A fence-sitting S(-)

Bodegas Castaño ‘Colección’ Cepas Viejas 2008, Yecla (£14.99 Liberty Wines)
Soft, rounded, generously flavoured and fruity, this has the classic warm dustiness of Spain, but there’s a little too much of the sweet to the berry and blackcurrant fruit, while the touch of raisins and skin-y tannins (from grapeskins that have shrivelled that bit too much) speak of overripeness. B-

Mas la Mola L’Expressió del Priorat 2010 (£18.99 Liberty Wines)
Strange to find a Priorat the freshest of a group of wines, this has ample, fleshy berry and plum fruit, but it’s backed up by freshness, soft tannin and minerality, with a real earthy bite here to give bounce and balance. S

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