Wine Tasting Video: Valpolicella – the perfect summer red?

Alpha Zeta V Valpolicella 2011 (£8.99 Noel Young Wines, Stainton Wines, Corks Out, Richard Granger Wines, Noble Green Wines, Flourish & Prosper, Dalling & Co, Valvona & Crolla)
Crunchy young style, has succulence, bite, notes of raspberries and dark cherries, and alongside the classic Valpol bruised sourness, something like a dusting of cocoa. B+

Allegrini Valpolicella 2011 (£10.99 Highbury Vintners, Edward Parker Wines, Aitken Wines, Richard Granger Wines, Free Run Juice, Red & White, Chester Beer & Wine, Martinez Wines)
Fresh but quite gutsy style, still has succulence and tang, but there’s a weighty marzipan/nut kernel richness to the sherry and red berry flesh. If the Alpha Zeta is for lunchtime, this is for the evening. S(-)

Bertani Villa Novare Valpolicella Classico 2010 (£9.95 Great Western Wine,
Decent berry fruit and notes of spice and pepper, but there’s a slightly bitter, unripe streak running through the wine that dampens the pleasure. C

Secco-Bertani Valpolicella-Valpantena Ripasso 2009 (£15.25 Great Western Wine,,
A more concentrated style than the previous three, but still has bounce and life. Plush berry, red and black cherries and a touch of blackcurrant, a note of almond, and that refreshing sour twang on the finish, more autumnal than summery, but very tasty. S

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