Wine Tasting Video: Supermarket Chablis

Taste the Difference Chablis 2010 (£9.99 Sainsbury’s)
Young perky style, sprightly and lively with tangy rhubarb, apple and lemon fruit and a richer, mealy streak. S

Waitrose ‘In Partnership’ Chablis 2010 (£10.49 Waitrose)
Feels younger and dumber than the above to start with, but as it opens up, the nutty/leesy character is joined by ample citrus and apple flavours, with cool minerality adding to the pleasure. S-

Louis Moreau Chablis 2010 (£9.99 Marks & Spencer – link is for 2009 vintage)
Starts well, with sappy green apple flesh and a touch of minerality, but overall feels slightly flat, and lacking concentration. B(-)

Tesco Finest* Chablis Grande Cuvée 2009 (£9.99 Tesco – this vintage may have disappeared from many stores)
Quite generous ripe citrus and v ripe green apple, with the creamy nuttiness too, but lacks something of the vibrancy of the best wines here. B+

Tesco Finest* Chablis Premier Cru 2008 (£14.29 Tesco)
The zing of youth may have passed, but this still has taut rhubarb, lemon and apple flavours, nutty notes, a touch of wet clay and a precise mineral backbone. S(-)

All these are from La Chablisienne except the Lous Moreau wine

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2 thoughts on “Wine Tasting Video: Supermarket Chablis

  • Simon Post author

    Hi Dids, as I mentioned in the video, they were all from La Chablisienne bar the Louis Moreau one. Have added a note to the commnents above.