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Jeff Grosset introduces his new Riesling from the Clare Valley January 14, 2011 at 11:10 am

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To coincide with his thirtieth vintage in the Clare Valley, Jeff Grosset (proud owner of the new, panther-like BMW M3 Coupé) has added a new Riesling to his excellent range.

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  • Jack Wild says:

    I love it when great winemakers seem like great guys too – any inclination as to whether he’d move onto any sweeter styles? Love all 3 in the interview and it’s be great to see what he could a la Mount Horrocks Cordon Cut or something similar…

  • Simon says:

    Hi Jack, a Grosset sweetie would be great wouldn’t it, but maybe Stephanie would feel it was muscling in on her territory. Was asking Jeff whether he was involved at all with Mount Horrocks. He said that he’d learned the hard way that giving his opinion on his wife’s wines wasn’t always appreciated….

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