Spanish reds from Bierzo, Tierra de Castilla & Montsant

Encino Bierzo 2013, Spain (£13.99 Naked Wines)
Starts off a bit stinky (something I’d say about rather a lot of Bierzo) but after a while and some judicious swirling, a juicy wild and spicy wine emerges, with soft berry and plum fruit pepped up with a hint of gingerbread. Good but not great B+

Finca Constancia 2011, Vino de la Tierra de Castilla, Spain (£10.50 Marks & Spencer, Ocado, Tesco, The Drink Shop, Flagship Wines, Booths)
You can feel the warmth of the region in the soft plummy flavours, but also in the slightly raisinny character and the dry tannins that speak of grapes that have started to shrivel. OK, but speaks to me of international grapes grown somewhere too warm. C+

Franck Massard Desnuda Montsant 2013, Spain (£12.99 Naked Wines)
I like the juicy bramble and berry flavours and touches of spice. I’m less fond to the baked/jammy character and the slightly hard finish. B(-)

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