Welcome to (the wines of) Marlboro Country

Never tried wine from Virginia? Can’t say much of it’s passed my lips either, but the Oxford Wine Company has just taken on a handful from the Boxwood and White Hall wineries. Read more about them here, or check out the following video, introduced by one of the wine trade’s finest moustaches, OWC’s Theo Sloot:-

3 thoughts on “Welcome to (the wines of) Marlboro Country

  1. Bet you’re a wow at pub quizzes… Just getting some wines ready for a tasting tonight which includes 1988 Lehmann Vintage Port – classic summer wine.

  2. I recall being quite pleasantly surprised by the unexpected quality of the wines from Williamsburg Winery.

    I had associated that part of Virginia with colonial times not wine but on a business trip recently I was quite happy to have my perceptions changed.

    Virginia would make a great tourist destination for the British with all the history, culture, scenery etc etc.

    Shame everyone goes to Disney………(and I can’t imagine any good wine from Florida)

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