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I’ve done posts in the last couple of months whose titles featured cricket and Leonard Cohen, and ended up with Twitter followers from devotees of those two rather different fields. So I thought I’d pack some more non-wine topics into the title of this one and see if the same […]

Keswick, anchovies and going into orbit

aa, It’s not necessarily the wines that come to mind when you think of particular wineries. Take Howard Park, for example. It was one of the first producers to show that great Western Australian wines weren’t the exclusive preserve of Margaret River, and the Rieslings and Cabernets made in the […]

Cricket, 3-legged cats and green pepper

Great day out with the family at Tapas Fantasticas in Manchester’s Albert Square, sponsored by Wines of Rioja. In between slivers of the fabulous Jamon from Grado, Olly Smith aka Syndrome said that the audience for the tastings he was conducting had been both enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Wine of the […]

Manchester Tapas Fantasticas

Not sure what I’ll be cooking tonight, but it won’t be a patch on the super Portuguese Gourmet Dinner Jill & I tucked into at the one-starred Harrow in Little Bedwyn near Marlborough on Wednesday evening. Owner/chef Roger Jones is one of those people whose enthusiasm for wine has developed […]

A wonderful evening in the Portuguese town of Little Bedwyn

An Armani suit is an Armani suit regardless of whether it comes in a bag or a box and Parma ham is Parma ham, whether it’s wrapped in cellophane or waxed paper. But under Italian law, Soave Classico is only Soave Classico if it comes in a bottle with a […]

Pieropan turns the screw – or Classico A-Go-Go

Prompted by a recent Facebook posting by sommelier Joseph de Blasi about how people who go wine tasting while wearing their favorite cologne “don’t get it”, I’m resurrecting a post from earlier this year that some of the newer readers may have missed… ——————————————— Anyone who’s been to more than […]

Goût de terror (yes, I mean terror)